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Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary with my Husband's Ex-wife!

Last Friday, was our wedding anniversary...yes, 4 years of marriage! 

It was also the first day that we allowed my stepson to babysit his brother (our son; almost 5 years old) for more than 1 hour (precisely, 2 hours!). He did a great job, and apparently they never fought that evening.

It took us a while to find a spot where to park; Charlottetown is a very busy place in the summer. My husband and I were very happy and excited not only because it was our anniversary, but also because it will be a couple of hours together without the kids...a special moment to celebrate that we were together. 

We ordered a nice bottle of Spanish Cava and a few appetizers to celebrate the event. The conversation and atmosphere at the restaurant were fantastic. 

Although we expected the place to be busy because it was Friday night, we did not expect to share that special moment with my husband's ex-wife. Ok, we did not seat at the same table, but we were not far away from each other.

Yes, of all the restaurants in town, they had to select the same restaurant that we picked. My husband's ex-wife was at the restaurant with her husband. Of all the people that we could see or meet that evening, we had to see and meet them. 

My husband and I were laughing, and something tells me that they were laughing too. Life is full of surprises...and, we were certainly surprised last Friday! 

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